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Our new life: part 1 oh no big brother
It's been a few years now. Goten and Yumi have gotten their own house only a few minutes away from Goku and Chichi. Their son Gosen is now 4. He looks just like his dad and has a tail. "Goten, would you be a dear and go check on Gosen?" "Yeah sure, is he in his room?" "Yep, oh Goten remember Trunks is coming over today with his kids and wife." "I know I can't wait." Goten walked up the steps to his son's room and opened the door sitting down at his desk was Gosen. "Hi kiddo, what are you doing?" "Hi daddy, I'm drawing a picture of Tonton" the boy said smiling as he looked up at his dad. "Wow that's great Gosen, it looks just like your bunny, want to go with me to grandpa's house?" "Yeah" a few minutes later Goten and Gosen were out the door. "Hey dad" "Goten hey, and look at you Gosen your becoming such a big boy." Goku picked up Gosen and carried him around on his shoulder "Chichi Goten and Gosen are here." Chichi came running into the room she hugged Goten and kissed Gosen on the cheek. "Goten how you and Yumi doing on your own now are?" "Where fine mom, and Gosen likes the new house." "Oh Gosen look at how big you are. What a cute young man you're turning into." Gosen looked down and smiled with a little blush on his face. "Hey mom, dad, isn't Gohan coming over later?" "Yeah son, he's coming to see Trunks and his kids." At this point Gosen looked up and smiled a big smile and said "yay uncle Gohan coming!" Gosen loves his uncle almost as much as his daddy. "Daddy, can we go eat?" Chichi laughed "just like your daddy alright, I have some food in the kitchen. Let's go eat." Gosen ran up to his dad and grabbed his hand. After they eat, Goten took Chichi, Goku and Gosen home with him to meet Trunks kids. "Goku, Chichi nice to see you again, how were Goten and Gosen?" "Nice to see you to Yumi, they were both great." Just then there was a knock on the door "hello anyone home?" Goten opened the door and Trunks walked in with something in his arms and a little kid holding his pant leg. Goten smiled "hey how you doing pal?" "I'm great Goten; wow is that Gosen he's gotten big." "Hey Trunks is that your kid, and your baby?" "Yep this is my son, Shou" a little boy about 4 years old with green eyes and hair just like his dad's only the color was blue. Trunks continued "and this is my baby girl Hikari." A baby wrapped up in a pink blanket with stars on it. She opened her eyes and smiled her eyes with blue eyes and some black hair on her head looked up at Gosen and said smiled even wider. "How Trunks how old is she?" "She 2 and a half" looking at the baby he said "this is Goten and his wife Yumi, and their son Gosen. Can you say Gosen?" Hikari looked right at Gosen smiled and said "Gooooosettt". Gosen said "good try but my names Gosen." Hikari tried again "Goooseen". "Yeah that right Hikari" Gosen was smiling so brightly. Goten and Yumi shared a look and Yumi said "alright everyone, foods ready." "Cool let's eat." Said Goku, "wait guys shouldn't we wait for Gohan to get here" asked Trunks. Chichi said "if Gohan wanted to eat he should have came on time, honestly is It so hard to be on time, he used to be a great boy now he's always late." With that she walked away. As they were eating Trunks asked "Hey Goten you going to have any more kids?" "Well Trunks Yumi and me" Chichi corrected Goten "Yumi and I son." "Thanks mom, but as I was saying Yumi and I, are." Just then the phone rang. "I'll get it" said Goten "hello, where are you, what? I'll be there soon." "Goten who was that?" "It was Gohan, there's trouble he needs help." Gosen looked at his dad "daddy don't go." "Its' ok Gosen Daddy will be back soon." Goten left quickly Yumi wanted to go with him but Goten said someone needed to stay with Gosen. Trunks and Goku decided to go with him. Yumi watched from the window as the love of her life left. Chichi saw and walked over to Yumi "Yumi dear it will be fine the boys will be fine. Goku, Goten, Gohan and Trunks will be home soon." "I know Chichi but I wish I could go I'm a full blooded saiyin like Goku and hate that I'm just sitting here useless while they fight and risk their lives." Chichi hugged Yumi and told her "you're not useless you need to be here for Gosen, Hikari and Shou." Gosen who had heard this walked into the room and gave his mom a big hug. "I love you mommy." "I love you to Gosen." About 2 hours lately Goten walked through the door with Goku and Trunks. Chichi ran up to Goku "Goku wears Gohan, is he ok?" Goku didn't answer but looked at the ground Chichi looked to Goten he didn't look up instead he walked into the other room were his young son was playing. "Trunks, please tell me" Trunks said with a voice full of sadness and pain. "I'm sorry Chichi, Gohan is dead" Yumi ran to Goten to talk to him. Chichi mumble "no, not my little boy, no" tears fell from her face as she cried on Goku's shoulder. Goten and Yumi sat with Gosen in Goten's lap. Gosen had tears in his eyes as he said "uncle Gohan" Goten looked down at his son and hugged him tight "it's ok Gosen, daddy's here." A few days later the family gathered Goten and Yumi decided to tell everyone what they were going to the night Trunks came over. "Everybody I have some good news, me and Yumi are having another baby." The room became quiet. Goku looked happy; chichi looked shocked; everyone else walked over to them and talked excitedly about having a new baby. Gosen who had been sitting and talking to Hikari looked over to his parents and said "but mommy daddy, I don't want a new baby." Goten picked up Gosen and said "come on little buddy, don't you want a friend to play with?" "I have friends and I may not like it." Yumi walked over and looked at Gosen and said "well we won't know for sure until it comes so let's just wait until then." "Ok mommy." And he went back to playing with Hikari. Shou had already fallen asleep on the floor. Trunks walked over to Yumi and Goten and said "looks like the kiddies are going to be great friends." When Trunks wasn't listening Yumi added "maybe even more than that." Looking at Gosen and Hikari.
Gosen is going to have a baby brother/sister
Gosen, Yumi, Hikari, shou, are mine don' steal
Trunks, goten, chichi, goku, gohan are Akira Toriyama
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goood job
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