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Our new life: baby talk
Yumi was getting more pregnant and it started to show. Gosen became curios about how the new baby got in his mom. Goten and Yumi had started to wonder what to tell their young son. Whenever Gosen asked Goten he said "ask your mom kiddo" and whenever he asked Yumi she said "go ask your dad Gosen". That was not working, he just kept asking. So Goten decided to talk to Trunks and see if he knew what to say. Trunks came over the next night and Gosen went to play with Shou and Hikari while Bluma watched them. "So Gosen started to wonder about babies?" "Yeah we have no clue what to tell him he's way too young to know the truth." Said Yumi, Trunks laughed at this. "Goten do you know what the stoke is?" "Um no, why what does this have to do with anything?" Goten looked confused and just then Chichi busted through the door. "Mom what are you doing here?" "I heard my grandson was asking about babies, and since I had two children I figured I could help." "Well Chichi what do you think we should do?" Trunks looked annoyed Chichi just had to steal his moment to help his best friends. "Well I find it helpful to keep a young child studying that way they are too busy to ask about it." She had a proud look on her face. Goten, Yumi and Trunks all though that was a terrible idea. Finally after gathering the courage Goten spoke. "Mom I don't think that's going to work for us, we don't make Gosen study he's still very young." Chichi fell over, "wait your never too young to learn. Oh that poor boy, now I'll be back later ill brings over some of Gohan's text books from when he was little then you'll see the joy learning can bring a boy." With that she ran out of the house. Trunks only said "poor Gosen". "Goten what are we going to do, we still don't know what to tell him." "I think I have an idea." Later that night Gosen spent the night at Trunks house. The next morning Goten and Yumi went to see Gosen while he was playing with Shou and Hikari. Goten picked up Gosen "hi daddy." "Gosen remember the question you asked me and mommy about the baby?" "Yeah, but I don't need to know now." "It's ok we're going to tell you." "But Shou told me already." Trunks who was standing in there read that his face turned red. "Goten I'm so sorry I didn't think Shou knew." "Daddy what's the big deal babies are made when two people who love each other make a wish with magic wand." "What?" Shou said "it's true then mommy and daddy love each other and because there in love its magic and they wish for a baby while making strange noises." Everyone laughed. After the kids feel asleep, Trunks told Goten "I guess me and the wife have to be more careful." A small shy smile spread across his face. Then Chichi yelled "Goten I got the books," now they was a giant amount of text books on the floor. Gosen woke up and saw his grandma. "hi sweet heart, look what grandma got, all these books for you to learn from doesn't that sound fun?" "no thanks grandma I'd rather learn how to fight like my daddy, help get ready for the new baby, and play with Shou and Hikari, plus it sounds so boarding." "But you need to be smart to get a good job and good grades." "I'm not going to waste time now I want to have fun." With that Gosen fell asleep again. Chichi was in shock that he said that. While they had the chance the family left before Chichi could say anything but this wasn't the end of it.
gosen wonders about babies and his parents wonder what to tell him
Gosen, yumi,Hikari,shou are mine don't steal
goku chichi goten trunks are Akira Toriyama
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July 2, 2011
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